Gluten-Free Onion Rings

Recipe Notes from Tiff: You can use any use dairy milk instead of the coconut, if you aren’t dairy-free I typically only cook 6-7 rings at a time but my deep fryer is small. For best results, cook only what easily fits in your fryer at a time.

The Best Homemade Allergen-Free Spaghetti Sauce!!

Over two months later, I’m back! Immediately after I discovered that I am allergic to approximately 60% of foods, David and I made the slightly impulsive decision to adopt a golden-doodle puppy. While we don’t regret this decision and love our fur baby dearly, it could have came at a better time. Considering my atrocious … More The Best Homemade Allergen-Free Spaghetti Sauce!!

No Bake Cookies

I love baking. I love the reaction you receive after someone tastes one of your treats and falls in love.  There is something incredibly satisfying about creating a treat that brings happiness to others, especially when one manages to do so even with a restricted diet. It was not long ago that I was learning … More No Bake Cookies