Planning a Gluten-free Wedding

planning a gluten-free wedding

Wedding season will be here soon and if you are not overwhelmed enough with the craziness of it all, let’s throw in a gluten-free menu as well! Even if you do not have personal food allergies/intolerances, you still might want to consider a gluten-free option for your upcoming ceremony. The gluten-free diet is rising in popularity due to a number of health conditions and personal preferences. There seems to be several stigmas that surround gluten-free foods including that gluten-free options are healthier or bland. Let me be the first to tell you both are often untrue.

  • Not gluten-free? If you aren’t gluten-free but you are still considering the gluten-free option, you might not be overly eager about the excitement of providing this allergen-free option. But, you want all of your guests to be happy, right? You might be surprised to find out that many of the delicious foods that you eat every day are in fact gluten-free. Grilled chicken, steak, french fries,  bacon, yogurt… all naturally gluten-free foods! Did I mention Lucky Charms.. Need I say more?
  • The point is, these foods and many others don’t contain gluten and they are often part of your normal life. Traces of wheat may find its way into these foods through the manufacturing process as well as added seasoning and sauces but this can be avoided. Many brands are now going the extra mile to make sure gluten and other food allergens do not make there way into the foods that they should have never been in in the first place. Please do not buy into the stereotype that the gluten-free option is one that you want to avoid. You might just be surprised!
  • More work? It will take a little extra work but you may be shocked at how many of your guests will appreciate the effort. Communication is key to working with your caterer and/or baker for options to fit your gluten-free guests. You will want to make sure that you are asking the right questions. I have provided a card that will make it a little easier to talk with the person preparing the food for your big day about providing a gluten-free option.
  • An informational card is essential. The communication card below will make it simple to know what questions need to be addressed with your caterer to ensure you are meeting the gluten-free needs of your guests. Use the responses to this card to make a simple info card for guests to see. Many with food allergies/intolerances will not touch a gluten-free option if they feel that they are not informed. The caterer might even be open to creating the informational card for you which will make your work even easier!

communication for caterer_baker

If you are on the other side of this coin and you are gluten-free, you may be considering an entire gluten-free menu! If so, you will be facing a slightly different challenge than those who are only providing a gluten-free option. While, many of the same questions on the communication card above should still be discussed with the caterer, you might also have other concerns. You may have been doing this gluten-free thing for awhile now so you know it can be delicious. How cool is it that you get the chance to share this huge part of your world with all of your guests? I enjoy sharing gluten-free meals with those without food allergies simply to see the surprise on there faces when they realize how yummy gluten-free can be!

  • Remember that this is YOUR day and if you want a scrumptious gluten-free menu that will wow al of your guests, it will happen with just a little determination and optimism on your part! Be determined to find a caterer that has the same positive attitude that you do because you truly deserve for your day to be everything you desire AND more! Creating a meal that excludes gluten should not be too challenging if you find the right caterer. There are an abundance of meal options that are perfect for a wedding that are often naturally gluten-free!
  • What about the cake? Gluten-free baking has come so far in recent years. You will want to make sure to find a bakery that is willing to go out of their way to ensure your cake is safe from cross-contamination and one that knows their stuff when it comes to gluten-free baking. If that means attending 12 cake testing then so be it! If you are like me, there is always more room for cake in your life. Haha! And, don’t be afraid to venture out of the traditional wedding cake comfort zone to consider other gluten-free desserts for your special day. Dark-chocolate strawberries, elegant cookies, and cake pops are only a few options I’ve seen as gluten-free wedding treats.



Gluten-free Weddings in Northwest AR for the Bentonville bride to be!

Recommendations from Tiff:

  • Whole Hog Cafe is excellent for a bbq catering option! They have a full gluten-free menu that includes meats and sauces as well as several other menu items. The staff takes gluten as well as other allergies seriously and are always happy to accommodate.
  • Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe is another fabulous option! Not only is their food phenomenal but their customer service is also exceptional. I have had the privilege of working with them on a number of occasions and I am always impressed!
  • The Preacher Son is an incredibly unique restaurant in Bentonville, AR which hosts private events and would be a wonderful place for a wedding reception. The restaurant is a beautifully restored church in the heart of the city and the entire menu is gluten-free due to the chef’s celiac condition.


For fun, here is one of my favorite photos from my wedding day! Please comment below with any helpful tips you’ve found in planning your gluten-free wedding or simply share a photo of your special moment!






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