Gluten-free & Dairy-free pizza!


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Recipe Notes from Tiff:

  • In step 3, I recommend using a fork to mix until you see the dough start to form. Once the dough is starting to look like a dough, begin mixing with your hands instead.
  • I use a homemade baking powder for this recipe that you can find here.
  • I highly recommend you also follow the homemade sauce recipe below. It pairs so well with this crust.
  • I kept my pizza in the oven just 1-2 minutes longer to broil the top! You can do this as well if you prefer your toppings to be crispy.
  • If you are intolerant to corn, make sure to use Red Star Yeast. Other yeast brands include sorbitan monostearate.


Gluten free (5)

Gluten free (6)

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Gluten free (9)

Gluten free (10)

Anyone else miss their favorite comfort food? This is it for me. After over a year of gluten-free pizza from local pizza places that usually made me sick and several failed attempts of a homemade crust, I’ve finally created a recipe that I dare say is better than homemade crusts I made before food allergies! My husband and I both agreed it was one of the best pizzas we’d ever had. This is an insane statement since it didn’t even have cheese on it! My diet has changed to include additional restrictions that I didn’t have when I first became gluten-free. This pizza has zero wheat, dairy, corn, and eggs, meeting all my dietary restrictions, while still being incredibly delicious!

Gluten free (11)

Please always check with brands and ingredient labels to ensure that you are avoiding your personal food allergies/intolerances. I also recommend using organic ingredients when possible since these often contain less hidden ingredients than you find in others.

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