The Best Homemade Allergen-Free Spaghetti Sauce!!


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Over two months later, I’m back! Immediately after I discovered that I am allergic to approximately 60% of foods, David and I made the slightly impulsive decision to adopt a golden-doodle puppy. While we don’t regret this decision and love our fur baby dearly, it could have came at a better time.

Considering my atrocious list of food allergies, it was a good day when we managed to find a meal to prepare that took less than an hour AND tasted decent. Throwing in an eight-week-old puppy who kept peeing on the carpet didn’t exactly help the situation either. As you can imagine, I was talking myself out of an emotional breakdown every 10 minutes. With the combination of my perfectionist and germaphobic personality traits, everything inside me was fighting to regain a sense of normalcy. To say it’s been an interesting two months would be a HUGE understatement. However, one potty trained puppy and several new recipes later, I’m stronger today than yesterday (and less hungry).


Let’s return to the reason you’re really here: spaghetti. First and foremost, I always use all organic ingredients and local veggies when possible for this recipe. My husband and I have been waking up early on Saturday mornings to visit the local famers market. Not only are the ingredients here locally grown (making this a cool way to support the community), but they’re also free of many of the chemicals you would find in non-organic ingredients you would normally get at a grocery store.

It’s astonishing how these last few years have flipped my life upside down because I have an awful confession. Veggies were unheard of in my home growing up. Not only did we not eat vegetables, but I certainly had no intentions to try them later in life. We had fast food four days a week. There were a few delicious meals that my mom would make, but these all came from jars of spaghetti sauce or a taco seasoning packet. We never cooked with fresh ingredients or blended our own seasoning together, so simply having to cook for myself now put me out of my comfort zone.

Growing up, I loved Ragu Traditional spaghetti sauce. My family used it for spaghetti and lasagna. Even though, these meals were fairly simple, everyone raved about my mom’s lasagna when they would join us for dinner. Anyone who ever had the pleasure of trying it would wholeheartedly agree with me when I say this lasagna, though simple, would leave an everlasting desire for more. It was the very definition of comfort food.

As an adult, Ragu was off limits. My food allergies to the ingredients in this staple spaghetti sauce stood in the way of me and my love of pasta. Thus, I began researching and experimenting in order to fill the void left in my stomach. I was determined to create something magical that excluded all of my many allergens. With the help of an online recipes I found (and of course a few tips from my mom), I’ve made this appetizing, homemade, allergen-free sauce. It is ideal for spaghetti, lasagna, and other similar Italian recipes.

This recipe has quickly become one of my favorites! It’s super easy to make in large quantity to freeze for later and is sure to please the whole family. For more allergen-free recipes, follow my blog at

Please let me know your thoughts if you try this recipe at home! Feel free to email or leave a message below with any questions or comments. Thanks and happy Monday!


Check out the original recipe at Sumptuous Spoonfuls.


One thought on “The Best Homemade Allergen-Free Spaghetti Sauce!!

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe! I never thought of this as a recipe for people with food allergies, so I’m really glad it was helpful. It looks like it turned out perfect!

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