Enjoy Life


Sitting at work after talking with my doctor regarding the discussed test results, I considered a life without gluten, dairy, and eggs. Everything changed when I went gluten-free. I had learned to bake and cook well without gluten and now, I had to start over once again. In the midst of my self-pity, I remembered a snack I had bought awhile back that was labelled allergen free.

I opened the drawer next to me and soon found the box. Carefully reading over the ingredient listing, I realized it excluded all of the many foods I am allergic to. The product, cocoa loco, was a chocolate brownie type bar.

I’ve always been more of a vanilla girl over chocolate. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Who doesn’t love an occasional piece of dark chocolate? Also, I have always had a thing for homemade gooey brownies that are taken out of the oven just a little early to ensure gooey perfection. Mm mm!

Because of my very selective chocolate taste, these cocoa loco bars just didn’t do it for me. The texture was dry and grainy. They were certainly not gooey. However, these little chocolate bars did give me hope. After work, I drove to the closest Wal-Mart to find a whole section of Enjoy Life allergen free foods! It wasn’t long before the soft baked snickerdoodle cookies caught my attention.


These snickerdoodle cookies were heavenly. The flavor was spot on with the perfect touch of cinnamon and the texture was also just right for what one would expect from a soft baked cookie. I was impressed with these allergen free cookies that were gluten, dairy, and egg free and I will admit this was not my last time purchasing them. My only complaint is that there never seem to be enough. At $3.48 a box, these soft baked cookies which also come in chocolate chip, double chocolate brownie, and gingerbread spice are worth every penny!

The small variety of Enjoy Life products became my go-to shopping section. I found myself returning to it the very next week, in search for a different kind of treat. My husband and I were celebrating our one anniversary and I wanted something special. This time, I noticed that the brand also has milk and dark chocolate chips. I grabbed a bag of the dark chocolate along with some fresh strawberries. I was, once again, pleasantly surprised by another Enjoy Life allergen free food.

Chocolate covered strawberries

Dark chocolate chips and many other common foods may appear to be safe from allergens. However, it is not unusual for foods to contain hidden traces of milk, gluten, and other allergens. It is also common for companies to label their products “gluten free” because all of the product’s ingredients are free of gluten. However, these same products which are labeled gluten free may also have a small warning label that recognizes that the food may still contain traces of gluten. Seems a little confusing, huh?

Great news, though! All Enjoy Life packaging gives one confidence of what ingredients are and are not found inside each of their products. This particular brand has quickly become one of my favorites and is one that I highly recommend for others, like myself, who are learning to live allergen free.






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