No Bake Cookies

No Bake Cookies

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I love baking. I love the reaction you receive after someone tastes one of your treats and falls in love.  There is something incredibly satisfying about creating a treat that brings happiness to others, especially when one manages to do so even with a restricted diet. It was not long ago that I was learning to bake again. After going gluten-free in October of 2017, no bake cookies were my go to baking treat.

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After my doctor recommended I change my diet again, this time to dairy, gluten, and egg free, once again I turned to no bake cookies. These cookies taste like perfection and are possibly one of the simplest recipes to alter to fit one’s personal dietary needs. I actually prefer the softness of these over my previous recipe which included butter and cow’s milk.

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Since I have now replaced the butter and milk with slightly healthier alternatives and the recipe already contains oatmeal, I like to think these cookies are a healthier option. Okay, so they are still cookies and therefore, not exactly healthy! However, they do contain some ingredients that are healthy which makes this guilty pleasure slightly less guilty for me.

Healthy or not, these cookies are super easy and quick! They are a crowd pleaser and  are now free from dairy and gluten!

Make sure to read all labels to ensure all ingredients meet your personal dietary needs.

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